How to back up your web site




How to backup your web site?


We strongly recommend you to backup your data every time you update your web site.

The pages that you create are saved on our server in 'database' folder. Use any FTP program to download the content of this folder in your computer. If you don't have an FTP account you can save your web site (page by page using the 'Save as...' function in your browser) into your computer as HTML pages. You can also ask us to download the 'database' folder for you every 4 months.



How to restore web pages?


If you accidentally deleted web pages, just upload the backup files on the server, in the same folder ('database' folder). If you don't have any kind of backup, then the information may be irremediably lost.




If you alter your web site's engine and it cease to function we can restore it but you will have to pay again the One time setup fee. This will not necessarly restore also your data.