Editing your web pages




 How to edit the existing template?


The template that we offer simulates (in a certain degree) a real web site. Therefore, many pages that you may need are already created. You will only need to edit them. To do so, log in into your admin account and click the Pages tab (top-left side of the screen).



 This will show a list of existing web pages:


Clicking the page that you want to edit opens the web page editor:

Enter your text into the 'Full description field', then enter a page name into the 'Name' field. 



Inserting images into your web pages

Click the 'Files' tab (located in the right side of the screen) and choose the images you want to display in your page.

  • Use 'Select files from server' to load an image that is already uploaded on the server (we already uploaded few sample imagesfor you)
  • Use 'Select files from computer to upload' to upload your own images.



Your page visibility


If you choose 'none' in the 'Parent page' drop down box, your page will appear nowhere on your web site untill you explicitelly link to it. If you choose 'Main menu' in the 'Menu' drop down box, your page will appear in the main menu, in the top of your web site.



Saving the page


When done, press the 'Save' button (right side of the page).

'Save and go to the list' will save the page and the will list all your web pages so you can pick the next page for editing.






Advanced editing

  • How to introduce titles (headers) --> Wrap your text in h1, h2 or h3 formatting instructions.
  • How to add a custom image header to a specific page --> Login into your Control Panel, go to the that page. In the right panel click the 'View' tab. Here click the 'Browse' button next to the 'Banner' edit box to indicate the new image to be used as header. Note: The image will be automatically loaded on server (in '/files' folder). The height of this image must be 100 pixels and the width 960 pixels.
  • More details in this FAQ page.