How to personalize your web site?




Note: In order to replace images on your web site you need FTP access. If you don't have FTP access, you can purchase it now.

This is how to your web site look:

  • 'Your name' logo can be changed from 'Tools->Settings' (located under the administration panel) and change the 'Page title' field to match your name.
  • To change web site's top banner (the blue background showing a DNA under 'Your name') --> replace 'header.jpg' image with your own.
  • To change the blue/gray horizontal bar in the very top of the web site --> replace 'bg.gif' image with your own.

All the above images are located in the 'files' folder.



How to replace an image


Use any FTP program to manually replace the image. In case you don't know how to operate the FTP program we can do it for you (but only once). You can provide your own 'Your Name' logo, or we can create one for you (for free).